Your Residential Construction Experts

Along with building new custom homes from ground up, RSM construction group is also known for our exquisite and innovative home renovations. Our clients often want a beautiful new home, but don’t want to uproot their lives, leave the comforts of their home and neighborhood. Likely, you've worked hard to build and raise your family in a particular area and we respect and understand that. With RSM construction group, we can provide you with our renovation ideas and services to give you the optimal remodeling solutions that will be specific to you, your needs and the products you've selected. Perhaps you would like some needed upgrades which include a new kitchen, living room and master bedroom but don't know where to start? RSM Construction Group is here to help you budget and plan your project in a way that makes most sense from a construction stand point and for you as an individual. Even if it means one room, one project, once a year to fit your budget and your lifestyle, RSM CG is on board!

Is your family growing and are in need of more space? Tired of staring at those cold grey basement walls and dreaming of entertainment getaways where sound is surround and drinks are close and chilled? Need an updated space for those unwanted but still loved family members and friends? Whatever your situation, your dilemma or your idea, RSM Construction Group will take you through the detailed steps, come up with a competitive price and always guaranteed solution!


Heres a list of some items we can do

  • Custom Homes & In house design
  • Home Renovations
  • Additions
  • Basement finishing
  • Decks & Fences
  • Waterproofing